R&D for 被忽视的热带病

Celgene 全球健康 (CGH) is a dedicated R&D unit committed to discovering, developing and delivering novel drugs for 被忽视的热带病 (NTDs)。 CGH is applying modern-day drug discovery efforts to help find treatments for malaria, tuberculosis and numerous neglected diseases.



CGH has a pipeline with more than ten discovery stage programs and phase II clinical trials in eleven indications/diseases areas that are ongoing or planned. It is the goal of CGH to not only bring novel therapies to patients in need, but also, to continue to develop a full pipeline for target diseases — just as Celgene does throughout its R&D.

NTD研发与被忽视疾病药物 倡议 (DNDi)

DNDi, a non-profit drug research and development (R&D) organization, develops new treatments for neglected diseases. The CGH-DNDi collaboration was initiated in 2011 with the screening of the CGH-DNDi compound library for activity against NTDs. Over the last few years, the collaboration has evolved to include the identification and optimization of potential therapeutic candidates for several of the world’s most neglected tropical diseases such as, leishmaniasis (VL and CL), Chagas disease, and filarial diseases. Current efforts include continued screening of novel chemical matter from the CGH compound library.


In collaboration with MMV, the leading product development partnership in the field of antimalarial R & D, we have created several novel classes of anti-malarial compounds from hits identified in phenotypic screens against Plasmodium falciparum (blood stage parasite) and Plasmodium vivax (liver stage parasite)。 These compounds are being optimized for potency, properties, and selectivity.





  • H3-d,药物发现和开发中心,在开普敦的南非大学:确定和制定结核病患者和疟疾下一代疗法
  • 识别隐孢子虫病的新疗法:疫苗,药品,诊断试剂,设备和系统和服务创新 - 跨越五个平台的路径,领先的整体健康创新,加快创新
  • 比尔和梅林达·盖茨基金会(BMGF),全球合作,以减少不平等:合作,以确定新的药品结核病和丝虫症